General Ectoplasm Exposition & Knowledge Society, otherwise known as G.E.E.K.S, is a Bartlesville, with a little bit of Enid, based group
who are focused on the research, investigation, and documentation of paranormal activity. G.E.E.K.S was formed to help those in need
that believe they are experiencing paranormal activity. G.E.E.K.S will provide an honest professional service at no cost to the client.
We will either find the activity or debunk it, either way we base our findings on photos, video, personal experiences, and electronic
voice phenomena collected from the location, using electronic equipment. Our purpose is to try to find out exactly what is causing the
activity, as close to the truth as we can. If the client would like to be present during the investigation, that is perfectly fine.
If the spirit seems to lean towards destructive means, then we will try to encourage our client to make sure they would like to do the
investigation. All the evidence that G.E.E.K.S finds will be presented to the client in a dvd format for them to view at their leisure.
If the client does not want any evidence revealed, no problem, we'll make sure to keep it confidential, otherwise, we will provide our
findings to the view of the public.


The General Ectoplasm Exposition & Knowledge Society (G.E.E.K.S.) is a not for profit organization dedicated to researching
and investigation of paranormal phenomenon. It is our goal to make society at large understand the nature of these types of events and
reduce fear of the unknown. We pledge to provide the best service possible in these endeavors. G.E.E.K.S. holds no religious,
cultural, or historical bias. We endeavor to provide truth to all clients regardless of any background of either the G.E.E.K.S.
or the client.